Luca is a son of the 'baby boom': in fact it was 1963 when his mother (a poet in love with Villon and Verlaine and with... Luciano Morandini, who happens also to be a poet) gave birth to him. What a story! Since he was small, Luca has loved writing stories and even doing drawings of them: his comedy streak is famous amongst his family, and the rhyming couplet poem 'Happy Hearted Berenice’ was distributed between classmates. And then there’s school! Luca arrived at secondary school specializing in science education having taken the wrong turn (he should have taken the first right to get to the school of art!). But eventually, he rediscovered himself at DAMS and finally got to become a graphic designer, thanks also to the patience of Luisa, an art director who quickly made him her junior. In short, Luca offers his clients all he has learnt. Now, between creating logos and brochures, he works on children's books: writing, drawing and occasionally putting on a coffee, organic and fair trade…   >>